Lockdown Times

Positive perspective.

When I moved back to my hometown from Mysore in March because of COVID-19 pandemic, I never knew at that time that I will have to face so much difficulties at my native place. I felt that moving back to my place for a month or two won’t be that difficult as I never felt that this pandemic will stretch for so long.

As a student of final year, I wished this time to be fruitful. But while coming back form there, I came in so much hurry that I totally forgot to take my study materials, which I realized when I reached my home and after relaxing for a week, I thought to give my studies a go. I felt that it’s okay, it’s not the end of the world, I will start studying from online resources and this was the time when I hit the wall.

My native place comes in low network zone, so, whichever sim you buy, you will never get enough speed to upload or download anything but till now I was surviving it by going upstairs or anywhere where I can get some decent network even if I have to sit in heat for long time.

But since last week there was no network at my place because of monsoon rains and clouds. That’s why I was not able to blog anything or do any of the work which relates to online activities.

In the starting, I was totally depressed as writing blogs daily or once in two days gave my, this free time, some purpose. But when I was not able to that also; I felt disheartened. This last week didn’t go the way I wanted.

But sometimes or most of the times life doesn’t go according to you so you have to mould yourself to make life lively and colorful. So, I stopped sulking and tried to fill my mind with positive thoughts.

And today I got the network so here I am, sharing my this last week experience with you. I am learning new things daily in this pandemic times. Some of them are: trying to be patient, try not to loose hope that you start to feel there is nothing left, trying to be more happy and following my healthy routine of exercise and yoga along with good diet to be fit.



Oleander! Oleander!

You are like a wonder

Your beauty, your shine

Fills my mind with something divine.

For some you are just a flower

For me you are hope

Just a look at you

Let’s every negative thoughts in me elope.

This small plant in my home is really wonderful and miraculous. Whenever I can’t hold my negative thoughts, I just go upwards and sit near it, and every sad and negative thoughts starts to fade slowly.

I am really thankful to our mother nature who has created such genuine and wonderful masterpieces that noone on this whole earth can recreate.

It is duty of ours which is bestowed by nature to keep its’s real jewels safe otherwise we all will not only lose these but we will lose our lives as well. So, by trying to save nature we are just being selfish not doing any favour towards it.


Playfull mood.

In the afternoon, I went upstairs to see if it’s raining or not. Though it was not raining but there were dark clouds in the sky and soft breeze was making the weather look super cool. But, this oleander plant actually caught my attention as it’s bud has flowered and the flower was swaying with the wind as it is conveying it’s happiness.

The rhythm and music of rain and it’s arrival is the best music which we can listen as it not only provides water to earth, it provides cheerfullness, peace and love to earth.

I love to say that rain is in my soul and it will never leave me alone.

The Wait:

Finding happiness.

We all wait for the finest moment in our lives, forgetting the best moments we are living. We always think ‘that one day’ will come when everything will just be the best but in that pursuit we always keep behind ‘that special thing’ which we have right now .

It is tendency of humans to either live in past or dwell in future though we always forget that a bird in a hand is better than the two in bush.

It’s not that I don’t do the same but I really don’t want to dwell in future despite, I want to live in present and enjoy it to the full.

But, yeah, there is always but, we are humans and humans tend to think about what is not there with them forgetting what is in their hands. It’s easy to preach but really very hard to implement.

I wish to be the person who not only preaches but implements those things in their life.

Feeling hopeful.

Ray of Hope:

Darkness doesn’t matter.

A ray of hope is neceassry in everybody’s life. Till when that ray is alive, that will to live, succeed and even conquer the world will be there and nobody can extinguish that.

When there is darkness engulfing you from all the sides, when you feel that you have lost all the battles but then suddenly that ray of hope flickers and makes you lively again and you are ready to conquer the world.

So yeah,whenever you feel like drowning in dark world talk to someone who can illuminate that ray of hope. Feeling hopeful.


Today since morning I was feeling very low. My mind was in turmoils, trying to scare me with its scariest thoughts. I felt defeated and there was no hope. In those moments of hopelessness, I have written some lines in Hindi which I will share with you all.

जीवन क्या है???


क्या है? क्यूं है?

क्या अभिप्राय है?

क्यूं ये बिना पर्याय है?


सच में?

या एक बोझ

जिसके तले दबता जा रहा मनुष्य।


मिथ्या है।

निराशा अचल है।

यही जीवन का सत्य है।



मरीचिका जिसके पीछे भागना है।

जीवन कुछ नहीं, बस एक बुरा सपना है।

उद् गार अधूरे हैं

लेकिन क्या जीवन पूरा है।।

These line just show the hopelessness that I am feeling. According to it life is meaningless, hopeless, fraud, mirage and a bad dream. It is incomplete and is there to torment us.

Maybe tomorrow my mood will lift and I will come up with something good to cheer you all up.

Shades of KR Market, Mysuru

As I have written in yesterday’s blog about KR market experience. I got hold of some more photographs while surfing my folder; depicting various shades of market, people, mood in the evening time. I went there in afternoon and came by late evening. Though it looks like a usual sight but when you look closely it is quite unusual one which shows the meticulous way in which people do their business. It shows busy peole in market: some going to buy some stuff, some are coming back after shopping, some are selling in the hopes of getting better sales and some are just looking at items whether to buy or not. Everyone has this different shades of mood stretched on their faces.

The more the sun was going down; the more attractive the market was looking. It looked like the market is decking itself like some new bride in all beautiful colors, ornaments and flowers. I am sharing some of those pictures with you which I like the most. Hope you also like it.

The bling of KR.
The busy lane of KR.
KR circle’s magnetism.
The splash of colors.
The colors of KR.
Balance in Imbalance.

Million Dollar Smile:

A smile that says it all.

I went to KR market in Mysuru back in February for a photography contest. Though my photo was not the one that got selected but I really enjoyed that visit. Seven-eight hours in the market in the midst of various unknown faces where every face was telling a different story was very distinct experience for me. I am mostly nature photographer but for this assignment I gave a shot at this.

There I clicked some pictures among which I love this one the most as it shows the best emotion of humans i.e. happiness and smiling face. The content which is there on this old man’s face is unbelievable. Sitting in his soap shop he looked so peaceful that will give even monks a run.

In the times today when we all are anxious, unhappy, angered up or not satisfied with our lives; we should learn from this old man to be happy in all circumstances and be satisfied with whatever we have. Though it is very difficult but atleast we can give it a try.

The Soul of Village:

The treasure in baba’s satchel.

I went to stay at my village home for a week. After returning back, when I was looking at all the pictures and was reminiscing those moments of togetherness with family, I stumbled across this picture.

Me, my sisters and my youngest nephew, who is two years old, we all were sitting under mango tree’s shade as power was cut as per daily routine. At that time, this old man passed by near our field. We all know, people in villages are intertwined with emotional relationships and bonds, so, for the same reason we call him baba. As soon as he saw my nephew, he asked him, “Beta, do yo want cucumber?” To which my nephew cutely and innocently replied “Ha baba.” The old man without a single percent hesitation gave the cucumbers to my nephew who held it in his hand like some valuable thing.

If we see from outside, it’s a small incident which doesn’t matter much. But if we go deeper and see the purity of incident, we will definitely be awstruck. The old man with whom we don’t have any relation, we only see him on the road sometimes passing-by, the person who is not even well-off, that person is sharing his things without any inhibition. In today’s world when everybody thinks about self, there are still some gold hearted people.

One more issue drew my attention when I was writing this piece, that if we are staying in some city and someone whom we know vaguely tries to share some eatable with kids, will we allow that to happen? As there is this notion of mistrust and fear that is built up in cities due to all the news, we come across in our day-to-day life.

All in all, I just want to say that if you want to see the purity of relations, the bond of trust, the unspoken love; you have to visit your village to see the beauty of the world which is somewhere lost in the bling of cities, the busy schedule, the rat-race and what not.